Support Tools

Netsweeper Active Directory - If you require the Netsweeper Active Directory WAgent click to download the Netsweeper WAgent

Updata Support Tool allows remote access to your PC - Download here

If you are a Buckinghamshire County Council School and require the Groupcall Xporter Agent Download here

Nominet Domain Name Registration services

Updata partners with Nominet to provide Domain Name Registration (DNR) services to its customers.  If Updata provide you with DNR services, then as a Registrar it is required to make you aware of the terms under which these services are provided to you.  These terms can be found following the link

Updata would also like to make you aware of our key commercial terms through the Q&A below:

Q1. What do Updata charge for the domain-name related services you provide?
Q2. What do Updata charge for maintaining a registration of a domain name?
Q3. What do Updata charge for transferring domain names to a new Registrar, or for terminating services?

A. Where Updata’s charges are not identified in a contract it has with you, it will make the following charges: Domain Name Registration/Transfer/Termination £20+VAT, Domain Name Annual Charge £10+VAT.

Q4. How do Updata deal with expired and expiring domain name registrations?

A. When Updata is in receipt of a domain expiration warning email, it will contact you to confirm if a renewal is required or not.  In cases where the domain is part of a service that is in a contract with a term that exceeds that of the domain, then it may be renewed automatically.


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