SIP Trunking

Reducing cost and driving profitability whilst maintaining quality is a difficult balancing act for any business to achieve. Updata SIP Trunking delivers savings on your voice costs whilst ensuring that call quality is not compromised.

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Updata’s SIP Trunking

Updata’s SIP Trunking product leverages our national MPLS network to provide a high quality, flexible and cost effective voice solution. Using SIP Trunks to access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) reduces the need for costly fixed ISDN connections, whilst increasing flexibility without sacrificing voice quality but with cheaper per minute voice rates.

Many VOIP providers push customers into writing off feature rich PBX plant, but Updata supports a range of interfaces that ensure you can leverage all the cost and quality benefits of IP based voice whilst also maximising the ROI on your plant investments.

The Updata SIP Trunking service has been built with resilience in at its heart.  Dual equipment deployments on a resilient national MPLS network further guarantee availability, whilst there are also resilient access options.
Importantly, Updata’s Converged Telecoms proposition means that the connectivity deployed to support your data and internet also enables your voice. 

Through our Updata Connect product we can support all your connectivity needs, whilst the Updata Cloud product offers management of your internet as well as addressing your co-location needs.  

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