Inbound is a cloud-based telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools, empowering your business with the perfect customer service.

It can be set up in minutes, is easy to use and offers feature-rich network services that are scalable, cost-effective and require no capital outlay. With four levels of service, we have the right Inbound solution for your business.

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Inbound - Customer contact made easy

Available as Contact Point, Contact Path, Contact Pro and Business Continuity, Inbound is delivered through an intuitive web interface that enables changes to be made directly and quickly.

There is an Inbound solution ideal for any business:

Contact Point 
Ideal for the sole trader/single-site business that wants to set up and change their call routing according to opening hours/staff availability.

Contact Path
Suitable for multi-site/multi-department organisations that need to route calls according to who the caller is, by caller’s location to the nearest office or the relevant account manager. Hunt group routing across particular teams is also possible.

Contact Pro
Provides complex, reliable call centre functionality, suited to businesses that place high value on customer service and are looking to deal with incoming enquiries effectively without missing a call.

Business Continuity
Provides high-level assurance and control over inbound calls, ensuring they are always answered, regardless of the circumstances. For added peace of mind, 10,000 minutes are included for a fixed monthly fee. The service can be accessed via a secure website or through an easy-to-use mobile app available for use on Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Mobile or BlackBerry devices.


New changes to the use of non-geographic numbers

Updata's white paper highlights key changes to non-geographic numbers and provides a guide on how to get prepared.

Read the white paper here.

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