A fully managed security service from Updata includes products at multiple layers from the access network, through the core and out to the perimeter. This includes the securing of data in transit through encryption  services, the identification and classification of attack threats in intrusion detection and prevention and through to the protection of users data in filtering and SPAM services.

Central to the security services are the industry leading vendors, such as Cisco and Palo Alto, which give customers a dual vendor approach to securing the network, providing network access control and remote access solutions to enable secure remote working.

Fully Managed Service

Security is a fully managed service by Updata and all the components are support...ed in the UK from a 24x7 service centre.


Additional Security

New Palo Alto looks beyond the source and destination packet, we now look at app...lication signatures and web based threats, providing a more granular and richer experience. 


Testing & Certification

External penetration testing and certification of all security products for our ...customers.


Case Studies

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