Direct Network Service Provider

Public Sector organisations have an increasing need to collaborate and connect with partner organisations, reduce duplication, share resources, work more efficiently, flexibly and reduce overheads. 

Updata's Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP) service helps Public Sector organisations achieve this by providing cost effective access to PSN services and other connected Public Sector organisations via the Government Conveyance Network (GCN). This acts as a gateway between all DNSP service providers which in turn enables access to a range of certified PSN services delivered by PSN Service Providers (PSNSP), such as the Department for Work & Pensions.

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The DNSP is underpinned by fully resilient interconnects to the GCN and is fully scalable which allows customer to increase service bandwidth as the demand for sharing resources or accessing information via the PSN increases.

The DNSP service is delivered in conjunction with the Updata CAS (T) ‘Assured’ network access service and therefore the overall service SLA is dependent on the underlying option chosen for connecting your site. A resilient access service is required to support and maintain an end-to-end DNSP service availability target of 99.95%.

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