Network Services

Network Services

Multiple service types for customers delivered over the physical infrastructure in two categories as virtual connections:

  • Connectivity – These are a range of network to network interfaces that provide access to a range of carrier networks. This includes tier 1 IP transit, BT wholesale, Virgin Media, Talk Talk

  • Services – These are a range of providers on the network offering services to our customers, these include Public Services Network (PSN) services via the Government Conveyance Network (GCN), Amazon Webservices, JANET services and Capita Cloud and Hosting services

Low Setup Costs

Low setup costs for on-net services included as virtual overlays on the existing... network.


Flexible Pricing Model

Services delivered as physical interfaces on existing CPE and priced on a per/ model.


Scalability & Flexibility

Scalable model to offer flexibility as service take up expands.

Case Studies

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