Updata provides a complete CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) solution for the Public Sector. We specialise in ways of utilising the existing network infrastructure to connect new and existing CCTV and UTC (Urban Traffic Control) locations which enables smarter use of the WAN infrastructure as well as delivering considerable cost savings.

Legacy CCTV networks across the UK have historically suffered from inflexibility. Point to point topologies, backhauled to locations such as police stations and control rooms prove expensive to augment. Updata can leverage existing infrastructure to dramatically reduce costs associated with upgrades to newer IP based technologies.

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Updata converts analogue/fibre networks into IP/NGA/copper

Mature analogue networks are coming to the end of their productive life with many of their two decade old components no longer supported including HD.

Updata’s Local Loop Unbundelled based networks ensure the customer benefits from advances in IP, FTTC, LoS radio, Wi-Fi and 4G. Where the customer wants continued use of analogue cameras we will supply encoders to convert analogue to digital.

Centralise a county wide network into a single control room

Point to point analogue networks have historically backhauled traffic to single locations, such as local control rooms or police stations. Changes over time has meant that many of single locations are not open or manned 24x7.

IP technologies allows for the broadcast of video to one or many locations simultaneously and affords the flexibility to dynamically route traffic to alternative sites at various times during the day or in the event of a disaster.

Intelligent use of cabinets and ducting

The PSN regulatory climate is designed to allow shared use of infrastructure. In the next eighteen months so called “passive access” will be further strengthened by anticipated rulings from Ofcom. This will help reduce digs and Excess Consumer Charges.

New CCTV sites are easily deployed using agnostic connectivity

Updata’s core offering is Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) and Ethernet and with a decade of experience in deploying Line of Sight radio we can also integrate LLU/Next Generation Access (NGA) as well as Fibre and Radio. 4G will impact all networks and is deployed where necessary.


Updata - a PSN accredited supplier

PSN accredited networks can be used to deliver CCTV and UTC services. Updata are a PSN accredited service provider and are uniquely placed to deliver PSN services. Updata’s extensive experience of combining connectivity at highway junctions and maximising the use of the customer’s infrastructure allows us to design cost effective solutions.

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