Connectivity+ the core enabler

Imagine a single, robust network that brings everything together – across regions, organisations and departments. Whatever your business challenges are, a reliable and resilient network means you have an enabling platform that supports your key transformational programmes allowing your teams to work together efficiently, effectively and remotely.

Connectivity+ is the Updata core MPLS network providing national network capability, which underpins our extensive portfolio of services. From simple connectivity through to complex multi-service usage, our Connectivity+ service is delivering networks and services to organisations across the public and private sector.
This fully managed virtual Wide Area Network (WAN) service provides businesses a seamless and extensible connectivity solution between their geographically dispersed sites. Connectivity+ utilises a standardised IP Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) model which not only integrates into the customers’ existing IP routing domain but also has the flexibility to extend the service to new sites in a cost effective and seamless manner.
With a choice of flexible access bandwidths, service availability options and traffic prioritisation profiles, Connectivity+ enables businesses to remove much of the engineering complexity of in-house solution and achieve operational efficiencies and ultimately achieve cost savings.

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Fully Managed

Updata has UK based support team 24/7/365 - the monitoring process guarantees 85% of network faults are proactively identified by Updata.


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