Networks that support modern policing

The way organisations work is changing, placing greater demands on how we communicate and collaborate. Flexible working, integrated processes, distributed applications, mobile devices and multi-media communications, allied to the need for access from anywhere, all have an impact. Therefore reliable telecoms, including networks that can evolve to meet ever changing business and compliance demands, are more vital than ever.

Updata Encryption Overlay service enables Police to securely share protected data with Forces across the region and with other organisations such as the Home Office via the Inter Provide Encryption Domain (IPED). The Encryption Overlay service is a layered solution which sits on top of an ‘ASSURED’ PSN WAN, and uplifts it to a ‘PROTECTED’ network service that transparently encrypts and protects all transmitted data. 

Capita has footprint in 100% of UK police forces

Capita has been supporting the criminal justice sector for over 35 years. It delivers solutions that are targeted
at issues affecting both the frontline and the back office resulting in improved performance and greater public
satisfaction in their services. 

As UK’s largest Software and IT Services supplier, Capita supplies 100% of UK police forces with critical technology solutions ranging from a fully integrated Records Management System (RMS) to a secure mobile and agile working platform, to digital repositories.

Services that support Modern Policing

The East Coast & Hertfordshire Control Room Consortium

ECHCRC - Enabling collaboration between four Fire and Rescue entities.
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