“KPSN is delighted to continue our relationship with Updata to provide HSCN services to our partners. These services are a valuable addition to Updata’s portfolio and facilitate collaboration and transformation across our region, particularly the integration of health and social care, through the consolidation of public service networks.” 

Dave Lindsay Health Strategic Development and Relationships Manager, Kent Public Service Network
“We chose Updata initially because we needed a network partner that we could work with collaboratively – that I could trust to help me develop the network, to take a flexible approach to how the network could expand and to support the Trust and its network users in the future”. Richard McCue Health Network and Systems Manager for Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Informatics Service (S&SHIS) View Case Study
“As Updata has strong knowledge of PSN and is an accredited PSN provider, we will be able to work with the team in the future to make sure that all our network operations continue to adhere to PSN regulations. The PSN will provide a secure platform  for the Council to share information with other government agencies. In particular, it will support the current drive in Scotland The PSN will be invaluable in enabling an efficient ‘joined-up’ service between healthcare and social service organisations...By choosing Updata, we have given ourselves the freedom to upgrade or downscale our network links and broadband capacity whenever we wish without incurring any related high costs.” Charlie Anderson Local Government Fife Council’s Head of ICT is responsible for every aspect of the Council’s IT estate. View Case Study
“We chose to work with Updata because we needed a network partner that could deliver a high level of flexibility and resilience to the existing school network. Updata was also able to provide us with the reliability and dedicated security required to support separate networks for schools and council corporate sites...Even though our rationalisation plans changed, the network’s flexible infrastructure meant that we could cost effectively bring on new sites without incurring huge costs. By unbundling the local exchange, Updata could provide connections from the local exchange and run the circuits more efficiently for us.” Alan Cruickshank Education East Lothian Council’s Infrastructure Manager, is responsible for networks and technology at the Council. View Case Study

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