28 Nov 2013

How to comply with the Public Services Network standard

The Public Services Network (PSN) is, arguably, one of the largest change management programmes currently being undertaken anywhere in the world. Written by Des Ward.

All public sector organisations will need to have their networks accredited to the PSN standard by spring 2014, when the arrangement with Vodafone to provide the Government’s current connection standards – GCSX and GSI – will cease.
At best, this will mean that those still planning to connect to the legacy services (if they are still available) will no longer enjoy the current prices that they pay. At worst, it may mean that the legacy services are not there at all.
PSN is not simply a replacement to the GSi Convergence Framework (GCF) - it is a procurement framework providing a fully meshed infrastructure that far exceeds the scope of the hub and spoke GSi community system.
It also offers the opportunity for organisations to benefit from accessing and using shared services right across central government as well as the wider public sector.


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