22 Jul 2015

Create Tomorrow: Digital collaboration - Transforming how we work together

In an era where employees have had considerable exposure to engaging collaboration tools in their personal life, there is an increasing appetite to embrace this way of operating in the workplace. And those businesses that are doing so, are reaping the rewards.

Digital collaboration - Transforming how we work together

For anyone under 30 who’s grown up in the Facebook era ‘social’ working is the obvious way to exchange ideas. To Millennials the hierarchical cascade model of communication seems perverse as can going up and down the food chain for permission to act. Internally large organisations are seeing the makeup of their workforce shift to this age group, externally they watch small, Millennially-populated companies disrupting their business model and doing it in fast, agile, networked ways. 

Create Tomorrow's article talks about collaboration tools such as Yammer, Slack and Brigade & how forward thinking organisations - large and small - have derived huge benefit from adopting a collaborative approach to tackling their respective challenges.

Read the full article here.

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