Providing Choice and Flexibility for Health Organisations

By partnering with Updata, customers benefit from a PSN & NHS complaint solution and can achieve savings of up to 80% with our integrated, managed networks and services.

Updata presents an opportunity for Health bodies to take advantage of a wider choice of connectivity providers – by leveraging Updata’s investment in regional and local network, including Community of Interest Networks. NHS customers can access both lower cost connectivity and greater contractual flexibility. 

As Updata has a presence on both N3 and PSN Connectivity frameworks, we can minimise the complexity and risk across a range of commercial, contractual and technology issues, as Health networks transition to the emerging PSN paradigm. In such a highly fluid landscape, any connectivity procurements must be flexible and give the buyer comfort that any new commercial or organisational requirements can be accommodated. E.g. scale up or scale down, or avoid multi-year contractual lock in.

Our Services

The Updata solution meets the need to:

  • Reduce management complexities

  • Reduce network costs even further

  • Be flexible to accomodate evolving circumstances

  • Provide a platform to facilitate shared services with partner organisations

  • Take advantage of new technologies and applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP) to reduce costs

  • Be compliant with current and any forthcoming information assurance standards from the Department of Health

Case Studies

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